3rd & 4th Class Science Week!!!!

3rd and 4th class explored electricity for science week. They designed and created lighthouses and made a circuit! They also learned about static electricity   

3rd & 4th Class Halloween Scavenger Hunt

3rd and 4th class went on a  They created creepy haunted houses. Look who found the ring in our brack!  

Junior Infants looking Scary in their Halloween Costumes!!!!!

3rd & 4th Class in their fabulous Halloween costumes!!!!!!!

Halloween Fun in 2nd Class !!!!!

Look who found the ring in the Barn Brack!!!

3rd & 4th Class trip to solstice to see Dave Rudden and Graham Tugwell

Welcome to our new Junior Infants!!!

A very big welcome to our new Junior Infants who are well settled into school life!!!!

GAA Training with Neil

Ms Murphy’s 3rd & 4th Class practising their Gaelic skills with Neil.  

Third & Fourth Class having fun!!

3rd and 4th class decorated their names to welcome everyone into our classroom.   They had great fun reading maps and playing Maze and Move for PE   They designed their own jigsaw piece to create a classroom jigsaw