Class Work

3rd class had great fun developing their throwing and catching skills during PE! 
They loved playing Connect as a warm up
3rd class have been learning all about the Vikings
The wrote their names using Viking runes
Senior Infants were very busy making wind vanes!!!!!
Senior Infants created beautiful individual pencil cases  (Jan)
3rd class wrote and types Diamanté Poems about Jack Frost.
They enjoyed painting trees in winter.
We have started learning about Early Christian Ireland and looked at some of its famous treasures and the calligraphy alphabet!!
3rd class had great fun baking gingerbread men! Thanks to Majella for her expertise and help!!
They then turned their gingerbread men upside down and decorated them and created reindeer!!!!
3rd class made Rice Sock Snowmen! Massive thanks to 5th and 6th class for all their help!!!
Senior Infants designed a postage stamp and they painted a winter tree!!!!
3rd class designed and created their own Christmas Jumpers! and created fabulous Reindeer Selfies!!!!!
Níl Aon Tinteán mar do thinteán féin
3rd class learned all about Persuasive Writing in November. They were tasked with designing new toys and using persuasive language and strategies to make people want to buy their toys! Their end products are fabulous!
At the start of December, 3rd class started learning how to divide. They enjoyed making groups with cubes!
Well done to Joshua who won the Art Competition from our class for the Book Fair
3rd class have loved learning about Ancient Egypt! 
Jayden read the class a story he wrote about everything he learned during our History and Geography lessons.
The class learned about the Ancient game of Senet and had great fun playing the game during IT time
Senior Infants Aistear theme was based on Winter art and the Post Office.  The children completed activities in playdoh cutting, construction and role play at the Post Office.
3rd class created their own Bookmarks for the Book Fair
Senior Infants played Snakes & Ladders during Maths Week!!!
During Science Week, 3rd Class learned all about Light and created their own Periscopes!
First, they sourced the correct size milk carton and base painted them white.
They designed each side of their Periscope and brought their design to life by painting them.
With the help of 6th class, they created 45° angles and inserted the mirrors correctly and cut the appropriate holes.
They had great fun exploring how their Periscopes work around the school!
3rd class have been playing hockey during PE!
This week 3rd Class have started learning how to multiply! They loved using lego pieces and writing stories about the dots!
Senior Infants did experiments for Science Week.  They did the skittles experiment where all the colours mix.
They also watched some dancing raisins in dizzy water!!!!   (Nov)
3rd class have started learning about Ancient Egypt 
They wrote their names in hieroglyphics  (Nov)
3rd class had great fun playing bench ball during PE.
They loved engaging with Yoga!  
3rd class baked cup cakes and decorated them!
They designed Haunted Houses 
Caoimhe found the ring in our brack!
This week 3rd class learned all about Helen Keller. When asked which sense they could not live without, they all agreed it was their sense of sight.
To gain an appreciation for our sight, the class engaged in blind drawing!
For the month of October, Senior Infants were very busy at the garden centre and engaged in Autumn and Halloween activities.  They sowed daffodil bulbs and constructed a wooden garden centre.  They were also busy manipulating beautiful garden flowers using playdoh.  They carefully cut out stems and flowers petals and created fantastic flower and acorn men.  They also constructed an intricate Autumn leaf mosaic.  They certainly will enjoy their mid term break!!!!! 
3rd class really enjoyed playing Air Hockey for PE. They engaged with Copy Cat, Spot the Difference and Don’t Laugh during Drama
To celebrate Maths week, 3rd class enjoyed lots of games and activities. They had to problem solve and order themselves in a line from oldest to youngest in our class. We played Buzz . They played a Number Detective game with their partner and had great fun asking questions trying to figure out the answer. They played Place Value games in pairs
3rd class have been learning all about the Stone Age in History. They were given the task to design and construct a Stone Age settlement. They worked very hard in their groups and made some fabulous homes! They used clay and brought in lots of extra resources from home to complete their challenge!
3rd class designed and painted cubism Frankensteins for Halloween!
3rd class had great fun doing Orienteering for PE. 
They had to listen and think very carefully to play an addition game during Maths 
Senior Infants painted some great self portraits!!!
During the month of September Senior Infants were very busy completing activities on myself
and going to the doctor in Aistear.  They engaged in role play at the doctors, manipulated playdoh
based on the doctor and cut out medical equipment with wonderful precision.
Senior Infants played with wooden blocks and figurines based on the hospital and in art they
created some very hard working nurses.
3rd class have enjoyed playing Pelmanism and Castle Ball during PE!
3rd class each designed a jigsaw piece and we put out jigsaw together.
We recreated our family crests and finished a self portrait of ourselves 
We wrote reports on banshees, leprechauns and the Pooka
We created a class tree using our finger prints 
3rd Class investigated the effect of ice cold water and warm water on our skin!
3rd class self portraits
3rd class wrote a match report about the Ireland v Romania Match 
3rd class wrote all about themselves designed and decorated their names 
Senior Infants and 1st Class made some lovely Sailing Boats and wrote about their Summer holidays!!!
Our recycled projects are done!!! Junior Infants and their buddies have done themselves proud!!
Junior Infants designer flip flops!!
3rd and 4th class Hurling with Neil
Junior Infants made healthy smoothies. They went down a treat!!!!
Junior Infants busy in the restaurant and making menus!!!
3rd and 4th class looked and responded to images of a Serengeti Sunset. Here are their stunning results!
Lorna did some gymnastics games with 3rd and 4th class during PE time
3rd and 4th class are busy learning about The Great Famine of Ireland. They researched images of the famine and drew their own creations
Junior Infants chalk time with their buddies!!!
Junior Infants are looking at food this month. We have been working in the supermarket, making our own food, playing shopping list games and sticking items into our shopping baskets!!
Senior Infants & 1st Class designed lovely fish for Salmon of Knowledge and also completed a sheet on ways to save water!!
3rd & 4th  started Hurling with Neil
3rd & 4th Class enjoyed engaging with Athletics for PE and having Kitty as our teacher!!
3rd and 4th Class learned all about the Solar System and the Goldilocks Zone. They then painted the Solar system. 
They took a line for a walk in another art lesson
In April the junior infants were planting seeds, working in the garden centre, making flowers with playdough and creating snails using  tissue paper. 
Senior Infants are busy growing Broad Beans from seeds and look how our Grass Heads have grown!!!!
Senior Infants cut our lovely chicks!!!!
3rd & 4th Class beautiful displays of Easter Bunnies
Junior Infants Look what the easter bunny left us in our clay baskets!!!!
Junior Infants – Getting creative with his lunch!!!!!
Junior Infants Recycled Bunnies
Ms Murphy’s 3rd & 4th class made lovely Easter Bunnies!!!
Junior Infant ‘ cow selfies’
Junior Infants were busy making butter!!! Everybody loved tasting their homemade butter!!!
Junior Infants have been busy working on the farm and looking after the sick animals in our vets this month. We have been constructing tractors and making 2d shape animals.
Ms Ward’s Senior Infants and 1st Class made lovely stables!!
Ms Ward’s Senior Infants and 1st Class wearing the Leprechaun faces they created!!!!
Ms Murphy’s 3rd and 4th class investigated solids, liquids and gazes during science! They created some slushy ice cream!!!
Ms Murphy’s 3rd and 4th class created Totem Poles during Art!
Junior Infants were very lucky to have our local vet Karen visit our school.
Some of us were lucky enough to get the opportunity to dress up as a vet!!! 
Ms Murphy’s 3rd and 4th class learned all about The Normans during History lessons.
They made their own Norman Castles during Art time!
Junior Infants painted beautiful Spring Tulips!!!!! 
In February Junior Infants have been learning all about school. We were practising been teachers, making school bags, building classrooms and playing games linked to school!!
And this is one of their finished school bags. 
Ms Murphy’s 3rd and 4th class made crosses to celebrate St. Brigids Day
Ms Ward’s Senior Infants and 1st Class created beautiful St Brigid’s Cloaks with colourful fabric!!  They also painted lovely Spring flowers and animals!!!!
Ms Ward’s Senior Infants and 1st Class painted beautiful dot art circles!!
Ms Ward’s Senior Infants and 1st Class designed some lovely weather wheels!!!
Ms Murphy’s 3rd and 4th class learned all about China in January.  They wrote their name using Chinese letters.
Our sixth class buddies have been organising P.E. lessons for Junior Infants
Junior Infants have been learning about 3D shapes. We made these cubes using sticks and play dough.
Junior Infants have been learning about clothes from Scotland. We even practised dressing up in a kilt!!!
Junior Infants have been learning about clothes. We have been working in the clothes shop, making clothes with play dough, designing our own outfits, making clothes shops out of blocks and washing clothes and hanging them up to dry.
3rd and 4th class used clay to great Christmas Ornaments. 
They had a great time creating the lights using their finger print
3rd and 4th Class wrote and typed sense poems about Christmas. 
They each wrote a letter to Dadaí na Nollag as Gaeilge!
3rd and 4th class used rice and a white sock to make snowmen! 6th class had a great time helping us
3rd & 4th learned about Ancient Rome and created mosaics!!
3rd & 4th had great fun at the Book Fair, look at our lovely Bookmarks!!
Ms Murphy’s classes enjoying rugby for PE!!
Ms Murphy’s 3rd & 4th class designed and made Christmas jumpers!!!!!
3rd & 4th Class invented toys for the ‘Smittles’ catalogue.
Senior Infants & 1st Class created some wonderful houses.
Junior Infants played hospital during Aistear
Ms Murphys 3rd & 4th classes had great fun playing Place value games and creaking bar charts during Maths week!!!
Ms Murphy’s 3rd and 4th class had great fun playing bench ball and doing Orienteering for PE
Ms Murphy’s 3rd & 4th classes for Halloween, we looked and responded to cubism and created our Frankensteins!
Ms Ward’s Senior Infants & 1st Class were busy with their handprint flowers and learning all about Autumn animals.
Aistear in Junior Infants for the month of October was the ‘Home’ . We were busy in the kitchen, building houses, playing with the dolls house  washing dishes and making furniture out of play dough!!
Junior Infants had great fund making  – hedgehog prints/ Birds of Colour/ Mosaic Lamps/ Scary Monsters
Ms Murphy’s 3rd & 4th class playing Pelmanism for PE!!!!
Ms Murphy’s 4th class knew lots about the Bronze Age and they learned all about 2D shapes in Maths.
Ms Murphy’s 3rd & 4th class took part in the Credit Union Art Competition.  the theme was ‘What a Wonderful World’.
Ms Ward’s Senior and 1st class created some wonderful autumn leaves!!!!
Ms Murphy’s 3rd and 4th class researched their family crests. 
3rd class wrote reports on mythical creatures and 4th class wrote reports on large animals!
Ms Ward’s Senior & 1st Class experimenting with food, all the different tastes.
Ms Wards Senior Infants and 1st Class drew lovely self portraits.
Ms Murphy’s 3rd and 4th class painted self portraits.
In Irish we explored Mé Féin in September and wrote all about ourselves. 
3rd class had great fun using calculators in Maths
Ms Murphy’s 3rd & 4th Class played silly walks in drama
Ms Murphy’s 3rd & 4th Class Computer time!!!
Ms Murphy’s 3rd & 4th Class Writing Wall!!
Ms Ward’s 1st Class decorated some wonderful summer daisies!!!!!
The Infant room have been working so hard with their buddies from 4th/5th class to create amazing recycled art projects!!! 

In the month of May Junior & Senior Infants have been busy looking at food. We started with a supermarket which changed to a restaurant as the month went on. We constructed supermarkets with blocks. We made food using play dough. We read Handas Surprise and used this story to paint Handa’s fruit baskets. We used paint to print food plates and made our own pizza with different toppings. Finally we constructed out own menus!!!!! 


We loved our strawberry smoothies to end our topic on food!!!! 

1st Class enjoyed writing their names in Ancient Egyptian writing Hieroglyphics.

3rd & 4th Class created fabulous Viking face masks!!!!

1st Class painted lovely ponies and created recycling posters!!


1st Class did great work on the importance of saving water!!!


1st Class watched broad bean seeds grow very tall!!

1st Class created very colourful fish with fabric!!


The Infant room became an zú this week.  We went around and visited ‘an moncaí, na leon, an nathair nimhe, an sioráf agus na eilifint’. Great fun was had we even practised a bit of Gaeilge!!!

Easter ready!!! We made clay baskets and painted them.  they look even better with some treats inside!!!



Ms Ward’s 1st Class made really colourful Leprechaun’s for Seachtain na gaeilge!!

Ms Brogan’s Junior and Senior Infants have been looking at ‘the farm’ this month. We were busy setting up our farms, playing bingo and tractor match. We made a barn with an animal hiding inside and our cow portraits were a firm favourite. We also went into role as the vet to look after the sick animals on the farm and finally in our groups we designed our own farmyard.


Ms Ariana’s 4th & 5th Class Seó Faisin


Ms Ariana’s 4th & 5th Class had an online interview with an asylum seeker.     


On World Book Day 1st Class were very busy creating new book covers for their books!!!

3rd & 4th class made fabulous outfits out of recycled materials for their STEM Project.  Well done!!!


Ms Ward’s 1st Class made weather vanes and painted pictures of their favourite weather. 

The Infant room was learning all about school.   We pretended to be teachers, made school bags, looked for school items in sand, made items found in school using playdough, created desks and chairs and read lots of books linked to school.  We even read an Irish book ‘ Tá Bran ar Scoil’.



Ms Ward’s 1st Class created beautiful ‘Dot Art’


First signs of Spring by Junior & Senior Infants


‘Ready for the Catwalk’ – clothes designed by Junior & Senior Infants


Ms Brogan’s Junior & Senior classes were learning all about clothes during January.  We have been washing clothes and hanging them out to dry, designing our own outfits, creating clothes using playdough, role playing in our own clothes shop and designing our own underpants linked to our story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’.


Ms Brogan’s Junior & Seniors Infants made cool Snowmen and Polar Bears for our Winter Wonderland Display!!!


Ms Noeleen’s 3rd & 4th Class composed and performed their own Christmas Carols!!!


Ms Ward’s 1st class made beautiful Santa faces!!!


Ms Noeleens 3rd & 4th pupils were learning how to play chess!!


Ms Ward’s Class were busy creating wonderful Christmas Art.


Ms Brogan’s Junior and Senior Infants have been focusing on occupations during November.  Firstly, we looked at the doctor’s surgery, hospital, roleplay, made x-rays, made doctors equipment and ambulances out of playdough & played games.

Ms Brogan’s Junior & Seniors then moved onto hairdressers.  We made funky hairstyles, worked in a hairdresser, raked through sand with combs/brushes to find clips, made funky hair with play dough. 



Ms Brogan’s Junior & senior Infants had great fun during Science Week.!!!

Rainbow Skittles

Dancing Raisins

Balloon Rocket

Static electricity

Ball energy                                                      Egg in vinegar



Lava lamps                                                         Eating Ice-Cream



Ms Noeleen’s 3rd & 4th class for their STEM project designed, planned and made a toy using recycled materials.

A puppet theatre: Dan, Archie, Rhys, Ciara, Kayla and Jessica

A fort: Oscar, Liam, Matthew, Lauren, Penny and Sophie

A Castle: Erin, Paige, Clara, James and Greg

Super Stationery holder: Natalie, Maeve, Abigal, Millie, Willow and Grace

A Puppet theatre:  Willow, Ellie, Zoe and Roise

A Multi-tasking box: Roisin, Maja, Saoirse and Mia



Ms Ward’s 1st Class made some fabulous houses from paper, cardboard and lollipops.    





Ms Brogan’s Junior and Senior Infants have been very busy this year so far, building houses, washing dishes, making furniture, playing in the kitchen and reading stories to do with ‘home’.






Junior/Senior Infants Classes Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs!!!!!  (Sept 2021)




Junior /Senior Infants Monster Art


Ms Ariana’s 4th & 5th Class children were interested to learn about Dyslexia. We made a KWL chart to find out what we Know, what we Want to find out and what we have Learned. We watched some videos, did some dyslexia reading and writing simulations and had some great discussions about dyslexia.


Ms Ariana’s  4th  5th Class have been learning about the Renaissance in History. We used linear perspective in our artwork which was a technique discovered by Fillipo Brunelleshi and made famous by Peiro Della Franchesca who wrote books about it. It creates space, depth and an overall ‘3-D’ appearance to artwork.


Ms. Ariana brought her motorbike to school one day and the children enjoyed learning about road safety, bike safety and some basic mechanics of a motorcycle.



Ms Ariana’s 4th & 5th class started the year learning about how our brains work and why we should work on having a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset.


Ms Noeleen’s 3rd & 4th class managed to complete physical and mental challenges to escape from the Zombie Invasion!!!



Ms Ward’s 1st Class made little hedgehogs  (Oct 2021)

Ms Flynn’s 2nd Class read the story of Fionn and the Giant in History Class. They then created Fionn’s Castle in Art Class.  (Oct 2021)



Ms Noeleen’s 3rd & 4th Pupils created a beautiful Busy Bee Corner!!!!  (Oct 2021)


Ms Ward’s 1st Class constructed Autumn leaves and painted lovely self portraits  (Sept 2021)




Ms Ward’s 1st Class made beautiful wind chimes!!


Ms Ward’s 1st Class Grass Heads

Our hair is growing.  We are lucky the ‘hairdressers’ are open again!!!!!


Ms Ward’s 1st Class produced Amazing Aboriginal Art Work!!


Ms Ward’s 1st Class sowed some grass seed to make Grass Heads.


Ms Noeleen’s 3rd & 4th Classes were busy making some ‘scary’ scarecrows!!!!


Ms Flynn’s 2nd & 3rd Class constructed their own town.


Ms Ward’s 1st Class made beautiful summer Daises.

Ms Ward’s 1st Class were busy designing and writing about the Salmon of Knowledge.  They also constructed a sail boat and wrote about saving water.



Mr Potterton’s 5th Class made fabulous Hot Air Balloons!!!

IMG_0110 IMG_0105 IMG_0100 (1) IMG_0094


2nd to 6th Classes had great fun during the Bricks4Kidz Workshop learning the principles of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths through LEGO Technic. 

IMG_0272 (1) IMG_0314 (1) IMG_0271 (1) DSC03864 DSC03859 DSC03863 DSC03854 DSC03855 DSC03858 20201208_122859_resized 20201208_113729_resized 20201208_121954_resized



Ms Noeleen’s 3rd and 4th Classes concentrating on their Chess matches.

DSC03818 DSC03819


Ms Ward’s 1st Class were busy completing Science experiments during Science Week!!!!

DSC03671 DSC03669 DSC03668
DSC03688 DSC03690 DSC03691 DSC03692 DSC03697


Ms Brogan’s Junior/Senior Class Science Week

Skittle Rainbow                                                        Dissolving



Making Lava Lamps                            Making Slime 


The best part of Science Week – eating the jelly!!!!!




Ms Brogan’s class exploring the Doctors Surgery in Aistear

DSC03615DSC03616DSC03607DSC03608DSC03609  DSC03604


Ms Noeleen’s class picked Michelangelo as  ‘Artist of the Month’

We copied his work of the Sistine Chapel by drawing upside down and lying on our back.

DSC03622 DSC03621 DSC03620 DSC03619 DSC03618 DSC03617


Ms Brogan’s Junior and Senior Infants having fun at Halloween!!!!

DSC03601 DSC03600 DSC03599 DSC03598 DSC03597 DSC03596 DSC03595 DSC03594 DSC03593 DSC03592 DSC03591 DSC03590 DSC03589 DSC03588 DSC03587 DSC03586 



Guess who found the Ring in Ms Ward’s Báirín Breac



Ms Noeleen’s 3rd & 4th Class Halloween Dance Moves!!!!

DSC03582 DSC03581 DSC03580 DSC03578 DSC03577 DSC03584


Ms Ward’s 1st Class were busy making Halloween Masks

DSC03569 DSC03568 DSC03567 DSC03566


Ms Ward’s 1st Class Autumn hedgehogs!!! 



Ms Flynn’s 2nd/3rd class Halloween Art!!!

We used a bat stencil and paints to create our spooky pictures.  We also made Frankenstein door hangers.

DSC03526 DSC03527 DSC03528 DSC03529 DSC03530 DSC03531 DSC03537 DSC03536 DSC03535 DSC03534 DSC03533 DSC03532



Ms Ward’s 1st class Halloween Art (Oct 2020)

DSC03522 DSC03523 DSC03524 DSC03521

Ms Ward’s 1st class painted lovely self portraits 



Ms Brogan’s class playing maths games during Maths Week  (Oct 2020)

DSC03499 DSC03498 DSC03497 DSC03496 DSC03495 DSC03494 DSC03493 DSC03492



Ms Ward’s class played Snakes and Ladders during Maths Week!!!

DSC03491 DSC03490 DSC03489 DSC03488


Ms Ward’s class are studying light. Look at our silhouettes against the white board. (Oct 2020)

DSC03487 DSC03485 DSC03484 DSC03483 DSC03482 DSC03481 DSC03480 DSC03479 DSC03478 DSC03477 DSC03476 DSC03475 DSC03474 DSC03473 DSC03472 DSC03471 DSC03470 DSC03469 DSC03468 DSC03467 DSC03466 DSC03465 DSC03464 DSC03463 DSC03462 DSC03461




Ms Brogan’s Juniors made colourful lamps and decorated their classroom with pumpkins for Halloween

DSC03507 DSC03501 DSC03500



Ms Brogan’s Juniors learning about home through Aistear

DSC03442DSC03444 DSC03449 DSC03448 DSC03447 DSC03446 DSC03445


Ms Brogan’s Junior Infants  painted Owl Babies (Sept 2020)





Ms Brogan’s Junior Infants were learning all about clothes (Jan 2020)
DSC03172DSC03175 (1)DSC03178 (1)DSC03190 (1)DSC03189DSC03188

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants painted baby farm animals and Spring flowers from Spring colours and

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants sowed grass seeds and made grass heads

Ms Brogan’s Junior Infants have been learning all about school in Aistear.

Ms Brogan’s Junior Infants made school bags and spring flowers


Ms Ward’s Senior Infants sowed seeds and painted Spring flowers
DSC03248DSC03248 (1)DSC03251DSC03250DSC03249DSC03249 (1)

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants listened to a story on Internet Safety and learned rules of staying safe online.

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants constructed the Salmon of Knowledge fish and wrote the story
DSC03233 (2) DSC03233 (1) DSC03231 (1)DSC03230DSC03229DSC03225 (1)

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants made School Bags

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants made St Bridget’s Day Cloaks

Ms Ward’s senior Infants busy constructing push and pull toys with playdoh


Ms Ward’s Senior Infants busy making and painting their favourite weather vanes

Ms Ward's Senior Infants making and painting their favourite weather vanes

Ms Murphy’s 5th & 6th class researched their family crests.  (Dec 2019)

20191205_111821 20191205_111902 20191205_111853 20191205_111838

Ms Murphy’s 5th & 6th class learned in maths all about the Tangram Square and used this to create a swan and a runner! 6th class enjoyed learning all about co-ordinates!

20191128_095256_resized 20191128_094446_resized 20191128_094412_resized 20191128_094405_resized 20191128_094355_resized 20191128_094348_resized 20191127_092915_resized 20191127_092853_resized 20191127_092336_resized 20191127_092328_resized

Ms Murphy’s 5th & 6th Class to celebrate the arrival of the Book Fair 5th and 6th class worked with Junior Infants to help them write some of their favourite Fairy Tales. 

20191118_113438_resized 20191118_113412_resized 20191118_113347_resized 20191118_110652(0)_resized 20191118_110507_resized 20191118_110301_resized

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants enjoyed making winter art (Nov 2019)

DSC03024 DSC03892 DSC03889

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants designed postage stamps for their post office (Nov 2019)

DSC03818 DSC03817 DSC03816 DSC03815 DSC03814 DSC03813 DSC03812 DSC03811 DSC03819


Ms Ward’s Senior Infants did experiments with lava lamps for Science Week (Nov 2019)

DSC03015 DSC03014 DSC03013 DSC03012 DSC03011 DSC03009 DSC03008 DSC03007 DSC03006 DSC03005 DSC03004 DSC03000 DSC02998 DSC02997 DSC02995



Ms Murphy’s 5th & 6th class explored how to make circuits with electricity during Science Week and created lighthouses!!!  They also learned all about genetics and investigated their fingerprints!!! (Nov 2019)

20191113_115225_resized 20191113_115044_resized 20191113_114724_resized 20191113_114830_resized 20191113_114653_resized 20191113_114557_resized 20191113_114545_resized 20191113_114500_resized 20191113_114445_resized 20191113_114344_resized 20191113_114333_resized 20191113_114210_resized 20191113_114058_resized 20191113_114006_resized 20191113_113910_resized 20191112_125531 (1)


Junior & Senior Infants enjoyed making Hallowee’n art & playing Hallowee’n games.  Senior Infants also enjoyed playing maths games (Oct 2019)

DSC02968 DSC02967 DSC02966 DSC02965 DSC02964 DSC02963 DSC02961 DSC02960 DSC02959 DSC02958 DSC02957 DSC02956 DSC02955 DSC02954 DSC02953 DSC02952 DSC02951 DSC02950 DSC02949 DSC02948 DSC02947 DSC02946 DSC02945 DSC02944 DSC02943 DSC02942 DSC02941 DSC02940 DSC02939 DSC02936 DSC02932 DSC02931 DSC02930 DSC02929 DSC02925


Ms Murphy’s 5th and 6th class explored Cubism a technique used by Picasso and responded by creating their own Cubism Frankensteins. (Oct 2019)

20191022_135240 20191022_135236 20191022_135231 20191022_135224 20191022_135218

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants made Halloween ghosts and witches masks.  (Oct 2019)

DSC02912 DSC02914 DSC02913 DSC02911

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants constructed hedgehogs from matchsticks.  (Oct 2019)

DSC02919 DSC02918 DSC02917 DSC02916 DSC02915


Ms Murphy’s 5th and 6th class learned all about Ancient Egypt during their History lessons and created their own Death Masks and wrote their names in hieroglyphics.   The enjoyed engaging with Orienteering in PE.  (Oct 2019)

20191010_151623_resized 20191010_151620_resized 20191010_151616_resized 20191010_151611_resized 20191011_132230_resized 20191011_131944_resized 20191011_131900_resized


Ms Ward’s Senior Infants were busy this autumn cutting and planting autumn leaves, making hedgehogs and sowing bulbs.  They also enjoyed reading their favourite books.  (Oct 2019)

DSC03763 DSC03762 DSC03739 DSC03738 DSC03737 DSC03736 DSC03735


Ms Murphy’s 5th & 6th class created self portraits.  Sept 2019

20190911_124052_resized 20190911_124045_resized 20190911_124041_resized 20190911_124035_resized
Ms Murphy’s 5th & 6th class Explored sound in science and made rice dance. sept 2019
School football started back…both teams off to a great start
20190912_140526(0)_resized 20190912_122800_resized
Ms Murphy’s 5th and 6th are very busy practising for our school production of Aladdin (Sept 2019)
20190913_100535_resized 20190913_095629_resized
Ms Murphy’s 5th & 6th class were working with maps in PE
20190913_140945_resized 20190913_140824_resized 
To celebrate the Rugby World Cup, 5th and 6th learned all about the different countries taking part in the competition during Geography and History lessons and engaged with Origami in Art!  After learning about famous European landmarks the pupils selected their favourite landmark and created their own backgrounds to fit around their image.
20190923_132422_resized 20190923_132415_resized 20190923_132410_resized

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants completed patterns in Maths. (Sept 2019)

DSC02867 DSC02866 DSC02865 DSC02864  DSC02865  DSC02862 DSC02861 DSC02860 DSC02859 DSC02858 DSC02857

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants wrote about their first day in Senior Infants and drew self portraits. (Sept 2019)

DSC02869 DSC02868 

Ms Noeleen’s 2nd & 3rd class are learning how to play chess. (Sept 2019)

DSC02853 DSC02852 DSC02851 DSC02850

2019 / 2020 ______________________________________________________________________________________

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants made ice-creams and grass heads this month. (June 2019)

DSC02792 DSC02788

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants made butterflies in Art.  (May 2019)


Ms Ward’s Senior Infants did finger paintings of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  (May 2019)

DSC03453 DSC03452

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants constructed & coloured tractors for the Tractor Run which took place on Easter Sunday.  

DSC02609 DSC02608 DSC02607 DSC02606

Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st & 2nd class made some lovely Easter Art (April 2019)

DSC03453 DSC03452 DSC02611 DSC02610   DSC02605 DSC02604 DSC02603 DSC02602 DSC02601 DSC02600 DSC02611 DSC02610

Ms Flynn’s 2nd Class were making letters and words in drama using their bodies.  Can you guess what they are? (April 2019)

DSC03359 DSC03358 DSC03357 DSC03356 DSC03355 DSC03354 DSC03353 DSC03352 DSC03351 DSC03350 DSC03349 DSC03348 DSC03347



Ms Flynn’s 2nd class have been learning all about trees.  They investigated the trees in the school yard.  They had a great bud race.  They even got a tree to plant at home and then did a project on trees.  (March 2019)

DSC03346 DSC03345 DSC03344 DSC03343 DSC03342 DSC03341 DSC03340 DSC03339 DSC03338 DSC03337 DSC02593 DSC02592 DSC02591 DSC02590 DSC02589 DSC02588 DSC02587 DSC02585

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants wrote about The Farmer (March 2019)


Ms Brogan’s Junior Infants had great fun making scones which they then enjoyed eating at their Teddy Bear’s picnic! (March 2019)

DSC02620 DSC02619 DSC02618 DSC02617 DSC02624 DSC02621 DSC02623

Ms Brogan’s Junior Infants enjoyed the Aistear theme this month which was food (March 2019)

DSC02608 DSC02607 DSC02606 DSC02605 DSC02604

Ms Brogan’s Junior Infants made shape pictures using chalk. (March 2019)

DSC02616 DSC02615 DSC02614 DSC02613 DSC02612 DSC02611 DSC02610 DSC02609



Ms Noeleen’s 3rd class designed and made Scarecrows as part of the Construction strand of the Art Curriculum.  They were made from recycled materials, in keeping with our Green Schools initiative.  (March 2019)

DSC03305 DSC03305 - Copy DSC03303 - Copy DSC03302 - Copy DSC03301 - Copy DSC03300 - Copy
DSC03311 - Copy DSC03310 - Copy DSC03309 - Copy DSC03308 - Copy DSC03307 - Copy DSC03306 - Copy

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants constructed barns and also made St Patrick’s Day masks. (March 2019)

DSC03273 DSC03272 DSC03271

Ms Murphy’s 6th class made St Patrick’s Day art. (March 2019)

20190314_114825 20190314_105115 20190314_105050 20190314_105017 20190314_104936(0)

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants enjoyed their pancakes on Pancake Tuesday (March 2019)

DSC02495 DSC02494 DSC02493

Ms Brogan’s Junior Infants made fruit smoothies with Mr Martyn (March 2019)

DSC03253 DSC03252 DSC03251 DSC03250 DSC03249 DSC03248



Ms Brogan’s Junior Infants made cows out of toilet roll holders in art. (March 2019)


Ms Ward’s Senior Infants were busy this month writing about clever fish, making play dough fish, sowing watercress and making pasta fish! (Feb 2019)

DSC03199 (1) DSC03198 (1) DSC03197 (1) DSC03195 (1) DSC03194 DSC03193 (1) DSC03192 (1) DSC03191 (1) DSC03190 (1) DSC02536 DSC02535 DSC02534  DSC03221


Ms Murphy’s 6th class had their Service of Light in Jordanstown Church on February 26th, in preparation for their Confirmation.

service of Light

Ms Brogan’s Junior Infants theme for February Aistear was The Farm.  The children enjoyed making animals out of play dough, role playing as vets and playing with “small world” farms.   

DSC02541 DSC02538  DSC02510 DSC02508 DSC02507 DSC02503 DSC02501  DSC02498 DSC02497 DSC02512 DSC02511 DSC02500


Ms Brogan’s Junior Infants were busy this month making School Bags, Barn Posters and Goats for Art (Feb 2019)

DSC02551 DSC02550 DSC02549 DSC02552  DSC02546 DSC02545  DSC02547


Ms Ward’s Senior Infants made fish and kites from felt and tinfoil (Feb 2019).  

DSC02536 DSC02535 DSC02534

Ms Murphy’s 6th class had great fun making St. Brigid’s Crosses using art straws. They then painted them. (Feb 2019)

20190201_125715_resized 20190201_125624_resized 20190201_125621_resized 20190201_125616_resized 20190201_125612_resized 20190201_125607_resized 20190201_125603_resized 20190201_125558_resized 20190201_125553_resized 20190201_125551_resized
Ms Murphy’s 6th class have learned about report writing this term. They used their new knowledge to write a report about The Giant Panda. (Feb 2019)
20190201_120451_resized 20190201_120445_resized 20190201_120441_resized 20190201_120433_resized


Ms Ward’s Senior Infants made St Brigid’s cloaks with felt (Feb 2019)


Ms Murphy’s 6th class began learning about World War 2. Using their new knowledge about propaganda, they designed and created their own WW2 propaganda posters.

20190125_143333_resized 20190125_143238_resized 20190125_143235_resized 20190125_143223_resized 20190125_143209_resized

Ms Murphy’s 6th class went to Emmaus House on a one day retreat in preparation for Confirmation.(Jan 2019)


Ms Murphy’s 6th class learned how to create bar charts and pie charts using Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel (Jan 2019)

20190128_141710_resized 20190128_141704_resized 20190128_141658_resized 20190128_141629_resized

Ms Murphy’s 6th Class have been playing camogie & hurling during PE time (Jan 2019) 

20190128_132729_resized 20190128_132705_resized 20190128_132701_resized

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants were learning about weather this month. (Jan 2019)

 DSC02460 DSC02461

Ms Brogan’s Junior Infants theme for Aistear this month was “School”.  They enjoyed role playing and making school furniture (Jan 2018)DSC02441 DSC02431 DSC02445 DSC02429  DSC02434 DSC02439 DSC02440 DSC02443

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants were looking at clothes they wore as when they were babies they also wrote about different suitable clothes  (Jan 2018)

DSC02458 DSC03075 DSC03074 DSC03078  DSC03076 DSC02459 DSC02477

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants made push and pull toys from playdoh when learning about Forces in Science. (Jan 2019)

IMG_3834 IMG_3833 IMG_3832 IMG_3831 IMG_3830 DSC02419 DSC02417

Ms Brogan’s Junior Infants made Christmas stockings, winter scenes and candles for the Christmas tree in the church (Dec 2018) 

DSC02265 DSC02260 DSC02262 DSC02256  

Ms Brogan’s Junior Infants were wrapping presents, finding toys and making robins and snowmen as part of Aistear this month (Dec 2018)

DSC02270 DSC02272 DSC02273 DSC02274

Ms Brogans Junior Infants enjoyed role playing with their new hospital set bought by the Parents’ Association (Dec 2018)

DSC02280 DSC02279 DSC02278

Ms Murphy’s 6th Class learned all about the rainforest during their literacy lessons and responded by painting fabulous pictures. (Nov 2018)

20181127_124039_resized 20181127_124034_resized 20181127_124024_resized 20181127_124014_resized 20181127_124004_resized 20181127_123953_resized 20181127_123944_resized

Ms Brogan’s Junior Infants enjoyed creating picture story-boards with students from 3rd class. (Nov 2018)

DSC02348 DSC02347 DSC02346 

Ms Brogans Junior Infants made jelly for Science Week. (Nov 2018)

DSC02317 DSC02315 DSC02318

Ms Brogans Junior Infants)

DSC02328 DSC02341     DSC02342

Ms Flynn’s 2nd Class made Castles in Forts. (Nov 2018)

DSC03027 DSC03028 DSC03029 DSC03030 DSC03031 DSC03032 DSC03033 DSC03034 DSC03035 DSC03036 DSC03037 DSC03038 DSC03039

Ms Brogan’s Junior Infants made hand x-rays in art. (Nov 2018)


Ms Murphy’s 6th Class learned about electricity and how to make circuits during Science Week.  Using this knowledge, they designed and created Lighthouses.  They also explored the effect acid has on our bones and  learned about famous scientists!

20181116_135455 20181116_135144(0) 20181116_134836 20181116_134559

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants made lollipop stick houses with Ms Keoghan. (Nov 2018)


Ms Ward’s Senior Infants did some Floating & Sinking experiments for science week.  (Nov 2018)

DSC03003 DSC03000 DSC02999 DSC02998

Ms Flynn’s 2nd class made brown bread in science and discussed school in olden times in history.  (Nov 2019)

DSC02997 DSC02996 DSC02995 DSC02994 DSC02993 DSC02992 DSC02991 DSC02990

Ms Murphy’s 6th Class explored the change in Materials by making Halloween Slime. Lauren and Leesha are experts in this area and became teachers for the afternoon, as they led their class mates and instructed them on how to make the slime. The whole class had so much fun exploring the different textures until the slime became stretchy!!! They then turned their slime into Pumpkins!

20181025_140830 20181025_133417 20181025_133045(0) 20181025_132847 20181025_131448(0) 20181025_130258 20181025_130247

Ms Keogh’s 1st class made Hallowe’en spiders in art and made dressed up as mummies! 

DSC02247 DSC02281

Ms Murphy’s 6th class were looking at cubism, a technique used by Pablo Picasso. We responded by creating our own Frankensteins. 

20181025_111416_resized 20181025_111407_resized 20181025_111402_resized 20181025_111356_resized

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants celebrated maths week with various maths activities. Oct 2018.

DSC02237 DSC02235 DSC02233 DSC02232 DSC02230

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants made ghosts for Hallowe’en art and Acorn men for autumn! Oct 2018

DSC02240 DSC02239 DSC02241

Ms Brogan’s Junior Infants and Ms Ward’s Senior Infants had fun on their visit to Maynooth Fire Station.  Oct 2018.

DSC02225 DSC02183 DSC02168

Ms Brogan’s Junior Infants enjoyed the Aistear theme this month which was ‘Home’. Oct 2018

  DSC02111 DSC02110 DSC02109

Ms Brogan’s Junior Infants has fun learning during Maths Week. Oct 2018

 DSC02138 DSC02133 DSC02128 DSC02127 DSC02126 DSC02122

Ms Murphy’s 6th class learned how to construct triangles during their normal Maths lessons.  As well as this, to celebrate Maths Week they learned about Napier’s Bones, an old method of multiplication, The Mayan Number System, Caesar Cipher, a method of encoding messages used by Julius Caesar and Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man!

20181019_112122 20181017_125014 20181017_124056 20181016_124408 20181015_124017 20181015_115003

Ms Keogh’s 1st Class completed a maths trail around the school as part of maths week.  They also worked in groups to complete chalk pictures with number and shape instructions.  Oct 2018.

DSC02928 DSC02927 DSC02926  DSC02924 DSC02922 DSC02921 DSC02920  DSC02917 DSC02916 DSC02914 DSC02913 DSC02911 DSC02910 DSC02908 DSC02907 

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants wrote about autumn and made hedgehogs in art class. (Oct 2018)

DSC01966 DSC01965 DSC01964 DSC01963 DSC01962 DSC01961 DSC01960

Ms Murphy’s 6th class learned all about Ancient Egypt in history. During their art lessons they designed their own death masks and wrote their name using hieroglyphics. In Geography 6th class learned all about Europe. For their Art lesson they took a hot air balloon to their favourite European Landmark! (Oct 2018)

20181012_095208_resized 20181012_095158_resized 20181012_095154_resized 20181012_091358_resized 20181012_091352_resized 20181012_091347_resized

Ms Murphy’s 6th class enjoyed doing their art work during September.  They drew self portraits and their names in bubble letters and made a writing wall where they have been learning about Narrative Writing!!!

20180911_080623 20180910_145331 20180910_145239

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants enjoyed painting their self portraits, drawing pictures of their pass-times and writing about their first day back to school.  [Sept 2018]

 DSC01869 DSC01868DSC01867

Ms Murphy’s 6th class had great fun working with the Parachute during their PE lessons. They really loved playing Sharks and Lifeguards! [Sept 2018]

20180907_101544 20180907_101017 20180831_132408 20180831_131254 20180831_130855

2018 / 2019


Ms Brogan’s 2nd class took part in an experiment to see what it is like when a meteorite hits the moons surface and leaves a crack. (June 2018)

DSC01724 DSC01723 DSC01719

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants made frogs and daisies in art. (May 2018)

DSC01668 DSC01671

Ms Brogan’s 2nd Class used the water tables to learn about capacity. (May 2018)

DSC02748 DSC02747 DSC02746 DSC02745 DSC02744 DSC02743 DSC02742 DSC02741 DSC01667

Ms O’Keefe’s Junior Infants had fun making a fairy garden.  They also planted herbs. (May 2018)

DSC01667 DSC01666 DSC01663 DSC01662 DSC01661 DSC01660 DSC01659 DSC01658 DSC01656 DSC01655 DSC01654 DSC01653 DSC01652 DSC01651

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants made beautiful summer daisies (May 2018)

DSC01649 DSC01648

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants constructed tractors from 2D shapes. (April 2018)


Ms Ward’s Senior Infants constructed Farm Barns in art.  (April 2018) 


Ms Ward’s Senior Infants enjoyed completing a sequencing activity, in their groups, of the story “Farmer Duck”, (April 2018)

DSC01631 DSC01630 DSC01629 DSC01628 DSC01627

Ms Keogh’s 3rd & 4th class enjoyed making Easter Art (March 2018)

DSC01626 DSC01625 DSC01624 DSC01623

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants were delighted to see how the bulbs that they planted in October have turned into daffodils.  (March 2018)

DSC01821 DSC01820

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants made Easter chicks and bunnies for art.  (March 2018)

DSC01818 DSC01817 DSC01816 DSC01823 DSC01822

Ms Brogan’s 2nd Class designed their own chocolate bars for Easter (March 2018)

 DSC01776 DSC01775 DSC01774 DSC01773

Ms Brogan 2nd Class made rainbows for St Patrick’s Day (March 2018)

DSC01797DSC01793 DSC01792

Ms Brogan’s 2nd Class enjoyed learning about the Chinese New Year and making Chinese New Year art.  (March 2018)

DSC01789 DSC01787 DSC01785 


Ms Murphy’s 6th Class enjoyed the Service of Light before their Confirmation. (March 2018)

20180308_114227 20180307_140810 20180307_140802

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants made Mother’s Day flowers.  (March 2018)


Ms Keogh’s 3rd and 4th class students have worked hard to create model cities this term using recyclable materials

DSC01754 DSC01752 DSC01751 DSC01750 DSC01749 DSC01748 DSC01747 DSC01746 DSC01745 DSC01742 DSC01740 DSC01739 DSC01736.   

Ms Keogh’s 3rd and 4th class students worked in pairs to re-tell the story of St Bridget’s cloak 


Ms Keogh’s 3rd and 4th class have been learning about Tanzania this term.  Their used their persuasive language to create a brochure. (Feb 2018)


Ms Ward’s Senior Infants enjoyed designing their “Clever Fish” for art.  (Feb 2018)


Ms Ward’s Senior Infants painted some spring flowers and animals for art (Feb 2018)

DSC01556 DSC01555

All Classes learned about Safer Internet Week (Feb 2018)

DSC01554  20180213_091541_resized 20180209_134551_resized 20180209_134448_resized 20180209_130609_resized 20180209_130343_resized 20180209_130333_resized 20180209_130111_resized 20180209_125804_resized

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants made St Brigid’s cloaks for art.  (Jan 2018)

DSC01552 DSC01551 DSC01550

Ms Murphy’s 6th Class enjoyed making St Brigid’s crosses for Grandparents’ Day and their homes.  (Jan 2018)

20180131_100901_resized_1 20180131_100825_resized_1 20180131_100802_resized_1 20180131_100736_resized_1 20180131_100705_resized_1 20180130_131850_resized 20180130_131827_resized 20180130_131805_resized_1 20180130_131757_resized 20180130_131751_resized

Ms Murphy’s 6th class went on their confirmation retreat to Emmaus House in Swords.  A great day was had by all.  (Jan 2018)

20180125_141025(0)_resized_1 20180125_094810_resized_1 20180125_094804_resized_1 20180125_094757_resized_1 20180125_094748_resized_1 20180125_094732_resized_1 20180125_094729_resized_1

Ms Murphy’s 6th class started their basketball league taking on Coole NS.  Both teams played out of their skin! Huge thanks to Ms Brogan for all her time given to training.  (Jan 2018)


Ms Brogan’s 2nd class worked in groups to create food projects on different food types.  (Jan 2018)

DSC01521 DSC01524 DSC01526 DSC01528 DSC01531 DSC01533 DSC01534   DSC01538 DSC01539

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants had fun making kites.  (Jan 2018)


Ms Ward’s Senior Infants drew pictures of their favourite types of weather.  They also constructed wind vanes.  (Jan 2018)

DSC01504 DSC01502

Ms Murphy’s 6th class created models of their lungs.  They then explored how our lungs work.  (Jan 2018)

20180117_140753_resized 20180117_140623(0)_resized 20180117_140529_resized 20180117_135916_resized

Ms Murphy’s 6th class started gymnastics! (Jan 2018)

20180116_121736_resized_1 20180109_122426_resized_1

Ms Brogan’s 2nd class were learning about 3D shapes in maths. The made simple models of their favourite shapes.  (Jan 2018)

DSC01486 DSC01484 DSC01480 DSC01479 DSC01478 DSC01474 DSC01473

Ms Keogh’s 3rd & 4th class had great fun on a rock hunt this week.  They found different rocks and stones and classified them by their characteristics.  Lots of fun was had! (Jan 2018)

DSC01716 DSC01715 DSC01714 DSC01708 DSC01702 DSC01701

Ms Keogh’s 3rd and 4th made Christmas projects where they learned about the animals associated with Christmas (Dec 2017)

DSC01688 - Copy DSC01687 - Copy DSC01684 - Copy DSC01677 - CopyDSC01682 - Copy DSC01680 - Copy  DSC01686 - Copy

Ms Brogan’s 2nd class made some wonderful winter art (Dec 2017)

DSC01697 DSC01696 DSC01695 DSC01694 DSC01693 DSC01692


Ms Murphy’s 6th Class made rice snowmen, penguins and Santa Claus for Christmas Art (Dec 2017)

20171201_145919_resized 20171201_145912_resized 20171201_145906_resized 20171201_145900_resized 20171201_145852_resized

Ms Murphy’s 6th Class looked closely at the Rain Forest during english, geography and science lessons.  They looked and responded at images of the Amazon.  Here are some of their creations.  (Dec 2017)

20171128_124214_resized 20171128_124210_resized 20171128_124137 20171128_124222_resized

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants made Christmas trees, Winter trees and Rudolph’s in art (Dec 2017)

DSC01674 DSC01676 DSC01432

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants made Rudolph Houses in art.  (Dec 2017)

DSC01425 DSC01427 DSC01426 DSC01422 DSC01421

Ms Brogan’s 2nd Class learned about school life in the old school in Baconstown (Nov 2017)

DSC01673 DSC01666 DSC01663 DSC01662 DSC01660 DSC01654

Ms Keogh’s 3rd & 4th learned about sugar and how much sugar is contained in our drinks for science week. Nov 2017

DSC01597 DSC01592 DSC01579 DSC01578 DSC01572

Ms Flynn’s Junior Infants learned about melting and boiling water for science week.  They enjoyed making jelly to demonstrate this.  Nov 2017

DSC01646 DSC01647 DSC01648 DSC01649 DSC01650 DSC01651 DSC01570

Ms Brogan’s 2nd class learned about the science involved in baking brown bread for science week.  (Nov 2017)

DSC01612 DSC01611 DSC01608 DSC01607 DSC01606 DSC01605

Ms Murphy’s 6th class took part in Team Hope’s Chrostmas Shoe Box Appeal.  They bought all the presents themselves and really enjoyed wrapping and packing their boxes.  Nov 2017


Ms Murphy’s 6th class celebrated science week.  They had so much fun exploring electricity.  they made lots of different circuits.  Thanks to Jamie who brought in “Brainbox” and Aran who brought in a doorbell making and a buzz wire kit.  (Nov 2017)

20171116_101120_resized 20171116_093945_resized 20171116_093923_resized 20171108_093802_resized 20171107_140738_resized 20171107_140232_resized 20171107_135401_resized

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants constructed wooden lollipop houses.  (Oct 2017)

DSC01395 DSC01393 DSC01391 DSC01389 DSC01387

Ms Keogh’s 3rd & 4th Class students have been learning about Norway.  They used the Northern Lights as inspiration for their chalk pictures.  (Oct 2017)

DSC01557 DSC01553

Ms Keogh’s 3rd & 4th Class students have been learning about the Vikings this term.  They learned how to draw a scary Viking! (Oct 2017)


Ms Keogh’s 3rd & 4th Class enjoyed a trip to Trim Library to see Juliette Saumande speak about her book `Chop-Chop, Mad Cop!`.  This was followed by a trip to Trim playground.  A great time was had by all! (Oct 2017)

DSC01513 DSC01523 DSC01521 DSC01525 DSC01535 DSC01551 DSC01546 DSC01547

Ms Keogh’s 4th Class students have been enjoying maths games on Fridays.  (Sept / Oct 2017)

DSC01569 DSC01568 DSC01566

Ms Brogan’s 2nd Class made model castles from recyclable materials. (Oct 2017)

DSC01378 DSC01374 DSC01373 DSC01370 DSC01368 DSC01365 DSC01363 DSC01361 DSC01357

Ms Reddington’s 1st Class created Halloween Silhouettes in art.  The also made scary Halloween bats and colourful spider webs with crepe paper spiders.  (Oct 2017)

DSC02517 DSC02516 DSC02519 DSC02518 DSC02515

Ms Reddington’s 1st Class created autumn displays.  They also worked in groups and recorded different seasonal changes. (Oct 2017)

DSC02514 DSC02509 DSC02508 DSC02507 DSC02506 DSC02505 DSC02504 DSC02503

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants enjoyed making Hallowe’en Art. (Oct 2017)

DSC02513  DSC02511 DSC02510

Ms Murphy’s 6th Class listened to the poem “Witches’ song from Macbeth”.  They responded by drawing what they imagined.  (Oct 2017)

20171020_142312 20171020_142306 20171020_142301 20171020_142258

Ms Murphy’s 6th Class designed playground games as part of their oral irish lesson.  They decided to teach their games to the Junior Infants.  They really enjoyed being teachers! (Oct 2017)

20171020_101415_resized 20171020_101327_resized 20171020_100854_001_resized 20171020_100735_resized 20171020_095716_resized 20171020_095218_resized

Ms Murphy’s 6th Class did science experiments showing how our heart rate beats faster when we exercise.  (Oct 2017)

20171013_125541 20171013_125540 20171013_125539

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants planted daffodil bulbs.  (Oct 2017)

DSC01355 DSC01354 DSC01356

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants made Autumn Leaves in art.  (Oct 2017)


Ms Brogan’s 2nd Class were busy doing a maths trail around the school for Maths Week (Oct 2017)

DSC01322 DSC01323 DSC01480 DSC01492   DSC01505
DSC01504 DSC01503

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants did some finger painting in Art and drew pictures of their family.  (Oct 2017)

DSC01478 DSC01477

Ms Brogan’s 2nd Class did an experiment in Science to see how materials changed when they added water (Oct 2017)

DSC01442 DSC01440 DSC01437 DSC01435

Ms Brogan’s 2nd Class worked in pairs to research information about spiders and then they made posters with their findings (Oct 2017)

DSC01459 DSC01454 DSC01453 DSC01450 DSC01447 DSC01445 DSC01443 DSC01431 DSC01422 DSC01417


Ms Murphy’s 6th Class – “Look at how we all fit together” (Oct 2017)


Ms Murphy’s 6th Class learned about Ancient Egypt and created death masks and wrote their names in hieroglyphics.   The class worked in groups and constructed The Great Pyramid and The Sphinx.  (Oct 2017)

20171003_082352_resized 20171003_082328_resized 20171003_082142_resized 20171003_082129_resized 20171003_082106_resized 20171003_082100_resized 20171003_082055_resized

Ms Murphy’s 6th Class explored sound during their Science lessons and made rice dance!  (Oct 2017)

20170913_134813 20170913_134742 20170913_134718 20170913_134649

Ms Flynn’s junior infants made bunting to support Na Fianna in their hurling final on Saturday. (Sept 2017)

DSC01400 DSC01398

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants drew self portraits and colour wheels for art.  (Sept 2017)

DSC01397 DSC01396 DSC01395

Ms Murphy’s 6th class made bubble names welcoming you into their classroom. They have also started a writing wall. (Sept 2017)

IMG_3416 20170913_091413 IMG_3417


Ms Flynn’s Junior Infants listened to the story of “The Gingerbread Man” and used paint and pom poms to make their own Gingerbread Man in art.  (Sept 2017)


New School Year 2017 – 2018 ____________________________________________________________

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants constructed sailing boats, they wrote about their school tour  and about their year in Senior Infants.  (June 2017)

DSC01114 DSC01113 DSC01112

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants drew pictures of Summer Activities for art, they wrote about sowing crop seeds and they painted Van Gough “Sunflowers” (June 2017)

DSC01241 DSC01240 DSC01239

Ms Flynn’s Junior Infants learned about the life cycle of the butterfly (June 2017)

DSC01193 DSC01191 DSC01194 DSC01236

Ms Brogan’s 2nd & 3rd class had fun tracing around shadows! (June 2017)

DSC00955 DSC00954 DSC00951 DSC00950

Ms Brogan’s 2nd & 3rd class learned about deserts and created a desert in a box.  (May 2017)

DSC00986 DSC00981 DSC00976 DSC00975 DSC00974

Ms Brogan’s 2nd & 3rd class did projects on a European country for geography.  (April 2017)

DSC01117 DSC01115 DSC01114 DSC01113 DSC01112 DSC01111 DSC01109 DSC01108

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants enjoyed making Easter art.  (April 2017)

DSC00856 DSC00855


Ms Brogan’s 2nd & 3rd class designed book covers and made cube story books for World Book Day (March 2017)

DSC01012 DSC01011 DSC01010 DSC01009 DSC01014

Ms Brogan’s 2nd & 3rd classes enjoyed learning about and drawing Picasso art (Feb 2017)

DSC01002 DSC01001 DSC01000

Ms Brogan’s 2nd & 3rd Class enjoyed playing with little pups that came to visit the school. (March 2017)

DSC00944 DSC00943 DSC00940 DSC00937

Ms Brogan’s 2nd & 3rd Class

DSC00933 DSC00932 DSC00931 DSC00930

Ms Brogan’s 2nd & 3rd Class were learning about 3D shapes (March 2017)

DSC00914 DSC00912 DSC00910 DSC00906

Ms Flynn’s junior Infants made hearts from clay and painted them pink for Mother’s Day.  When they were dry they made a purple finger print on them.  (March 2017)

DSC00844 DSC00843 DSC00846 DSC00845

Ms Brogan’s 2nd and 3rd Classes were taste, smell and touch testing food in science.  (March 2017)

DSC00732 DSC00730 DSC00726 DSC00725 DSC00717 DSC00716 DSC00715 DSC00737

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants planted spring bulbs.  (March 2017)

DSC00832 (1)

All classes celebrated Green Day on the 15th March 2017

DSC00834 (1)

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants enjoyed making their own musical instruments (March 2017)

DSC00827 DSC00826 (1) DSC00825 DSC00823 (1)

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants made Spring Flowers, Paper Plate Frogs and Clever Fish for art. (March 2017)

DSC00831 (1) DSC00824 (1)  DSC00819 (1) DSC00822

Ms Ward’s Senior infants enjoyed making St Patrick’s Day art (March 2017)


All classes dressed up as their favourite book character for World Book Day (March 2017)

IMG_3013 DSC00755 DSC00759

All classes celebrated Pyjama Day to raise funds for children’s charities (March 2017)


All classes started gymnastic lessons for PE. (March 2017)

IMG_2983 IMG_2981 IMG_2980 IMG_2978

Ms Murphy’s 4th Class investigated different materials to discover which created the most friction. (Feb 2017)

IMG_2966 IMG_2965 IMG_2964 IMG_2963 IMG_2962

Ms Murphy’s 4th class completed an experiment to see if a balloon can inflate without blowing it up.  (Feb 2017)


Ms Murphy’s 4th class created “Valentine Rolos” to give to the special people in their lives! (Feb 2017)

IMG_2923 IMG_2922 IMG_2921 IMG_2920

Ms Flynn’s Junior Infants enjoyed learning about Safer Internet Day (Feb 2017)

DSC00710 DSC00709

Ms Murphy’s 4th class created lanterns to celebrate the Chinese New Year – the year of the rooster.  (Feb 2017)

IMG_2767 IMG_2766 IMG_2765 IMG_2764

Ms Murphy’s 4th class worked in groups to come up with an Online Code on Safer Internet Day (Feb 2017)

IMG_2834 IMG_2833 IMG_2832 IMG_2831

Ms Murphy’s 4th class have enjoyed exploring different folk dances for PE (Feb 2017)

IMG_2827 IMG_2826 IMG_2825 IMG_2824

Ms Murphy’s 4th class have been learning how to play chess with Ms Noeleen (Feb 2017)

IMG_2820 IMG_2821

Ms Murphy’s 4th class made St Brigid’s Day crosses (Feb 2017)

IMG_2804 IMG_2803 IMG_2802 IMG_2801

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants drew weather pictures and wrote about the weather.  (Feb 2017)

DSC00708 DSC00707

Ms Noeleen’s 5th Class have started to learn how to play chess (Jan 2017)

IMG_2728 IMG_2727

Ms Noeleen’s 5th Class produced a play – Away With The Manger


Ms Ward’s Senior Infants painted reindeer for Christmas Art. (Dec 2016)

dsc00703 dsc00702

Ms Murphy’s 4th class made Christmas Jumpers!  They used a template to cut the shape of the jumpers and then used lots of different materials to decorate them.  6th class also made Christmas jumpers.  (Dec 2016)

img_2525 img_2526 img_2529 img_2530

Ms Murphy’s 4th class warmed up on a cold winters morning doing orienteering for PE.  6th class joined in.  (Dec 2016)

img_2442 img_2441

Ms Murphy’s 4th class made snowmen!  They used a white sock and filled it with rice.  Then they decorated them.  (Dec 2016)

img_2431 img_2433 img_2425 img_2435


Ms Ward’s Senior Infants enjoyed doing Christmas Art (Dec 2016)

dsc00700 dsc00697

Ms Ward’s Senior Infant’s constructed lollipop stick houses for art & they wrote about their family (Nov 2016)

dsc00682 dsc00681  dsc00679 dsc00680 dsc00678

Ms Murphy’s 4th Class had lots of fun doing stand up comedy..(Nov 2016)

img_2418 img_2416 img_2415 img_2413 img_2410

Ms Murphy’s 4th Class engaged in “printing” in Art.  They brought in lots of things from home to experiment with.  (Nov 2016)

img_2398 img_2404 img_2403-copy img_2402-copy img_2408

Ms Murphy’s 4th Class did Science experiments showing how flowers & plants need water to survive. (Nov 2016)

img_2394-copy img_2395-copy img_2396-copy  img_2397-copy

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants painted family pictures and created colourful snowmen. (Nov 2016)

dsc00651 dsc00650 dsc00649 dsc00648

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants brought in their favourite things for Show and Tell. (Nov 2016)

dsc00654 dsc00667 dsc00665 dsc00657 dsc00656

Ms Noeleen’s 5th Class designed their own costumes for Hallowe’en.  They got their ideas from Myths and Legends in history and from current events.  Then they designed their costumes.  They searched for materials that they could recycle and use, making any changes that were needed to their design at this stage.  They then made their costumes using items that they found at home. (October 2016)

dsc00603 dsc00601 dsc00588 dsc00585 dsc00582

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants enjoyed making Hallowe’en art. (Oct 2016)

dsc00521 dsc00520 dsc00516 dsc00511 dsc00506

4th, 5th and 6th Class played basketball during our first term.

img_2371 img_2363 img_2362 img_2357

Ms Murphy’s 4th Class went to the National Concert hall to see a performance by the RTE Concert Orchestra. (Oct 2016)

img_2377 img_2378

Ms Murphy’s 4th Class had a trip to Trim Library.  They travelled back in time with E.R. Murray and Alan Early. (Oct 2016)

img_2343 img_2346 img_2347

Ms Murphy’s 4th class were busy making Hallowe’en art.  (Oct 2016)

img_2391 img_2390 img_2389 img_2388

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants loved tasting some Hallowe’en brack and Charlie got the ring…(Oct 2016)

dsc00528 dsc00526 dsc00525  dsc00524

Ms Reddington’s 1st Class were getting ready for Hallowe’en and made Hallowe’en silhouettes, ghosts and bats (Oct 2016)

dsc00902 dsc00904 dsc00905

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants were busy making Hallowe’en witches (Oct 2016)

dsc00901 dsc00900 dsc00899 dsc00898 dsc00897 dsc00896

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants were busy making clay hedgehogs.  (Oct 2016)

dsc00457 dsc00456 dsc00455 dsc00453 dsc00452

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants made “Autumn Acorn Men” for Art. (Oct 2016)

dsc00441  dsc00426 dsc00422 dsc00419 dsc00432

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants enjoyed planting bulbs (Oct 2016)

dsc00867 dsc00864 dsc00865 dsc00863

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants were acting our “The 3 Billy Goats Gruff” for Drama (Oct 2016)

dsc00860 dsc00859 dsc00858

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants looked at photographs of themselves as babies and when they were much older. (Sept 2016)

dsc00359 dsc00358 dsc00357 dsc00355

Ms Murphy’s 4th class mixed primary colours to get secondary colours in art.  They painted self -portraits. (Sept 2016)

img_2295 img_2294 img_2293 img_2292

Ms Murphy’s 4th class celebrated Roald Dahl Day on September 13th.  Some of the class dressed up and brought in things from their favourite Roald Dahl book.


Ms Flynn’s Junior Infants made ladybirds in art class (Sept 2016)

dsc00349 dsc00348

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants were decorating their Art Folders.  (Sept 2016)

dsc00826 dsc00825 dsc00824 dsc00823

Ms Ward’s Senior Infants drew Self-Portraits in art class.  (Sept 2016)


Ms Reddington’s 1st Class drew Autumn scenes in art class.  (Sept 2016)


Ms Murphy’s 4th Class enjoyed some Yoga to help them to focus and relax. (Sept 2016)

img_2284-copy img_2282-copy img_2280-copy img_2279-copy

Ms Murphy’s 4th Class have started learning “Scratch” programming language.  (Sept 2016)

img_2277-copy img_2275-copy img_2274-copy img_2273-copy

Ms Murphy’s 4th Class made quadrants to investigate our school habitat.  They had so much fun using magnifying glasses and pooters! They found some very interesting creatures! (Sept 2016)

img_2268-copy img_2267-copy img_2260-copy img_2256-copy

Ms Flynn’s Junior Infants were sorting colours in Maths class today.  They were also making gingerbread men in Art class. (Sept 2016)

dsc00343 dsc00342 dsc00341 dsc00337 dsc00326 dsc00325 dsc00344

Ms Flynn’s Junior Infants:  This year we have 20 Junior Infants and they have all got off to a flying start! (Sept 2016)


Ms Ward’s Senior Infants wrote about their first day back to school (Sept 2016)

DSC00311 DSC00320 DSC00318 DSC00317 DSC00316 DSC00315 DSC00314 DSC00312

New School Year Sept 2016 


Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th were experimenting with different materials to see how friction works.  (May 2016)

IMG_1953 IMG_1951 IMG_1949 IMG_1948

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th were busy baking this month.  Cormac O’Sullivan made chocolate biscuit cake, Becky made brownies, Tyler baked Top Hats & biscuit cake, TJ baked dark chocolate gateaux and Saoirse baked chocolate cake and chocolate buns. (May 2016)

IMG_1957 IMG_1955 IMG_1954 IMG_2033 IMG_2046 IMG_2047

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th class completed orienteering in PE.  They had to read a map and find clues around the school. (April 2016)

DSC00694 DSC00691 DSC00677 DSC00675

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th classes did some more baking this month.  Kerrie baked Honeycomb Crunchies and Mars Bar Squares, Killian baked Apple Tarts and TJ baked a Dark Truffle Gateaux…..yum!! (April 2016)

IMG_1849 IMG_1850 IMG_1851

Ms Flynn’s Junior Infants made a May alter in their class room.  (May 2016)


Ms Flynn’s Junior Infants drew pictures for clowns for art. They also made fish using paper plates, paint and googly eyes.  (April 2016)

DSC00166  DSC00167

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th were learning a lot about the 1916 Leaders and the signatories of the Proclamation.  The sketched and painted pictures of all of the Leaders.  Here are the results! (April 2016)

DSC00637 DSC00638 DSC00641 DSC00643 DSC00646  DSC00648 DSC00650  DSC00667 DSC00672  DSC00661

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th were busy baking again this month.  Cian baked pavlova, Jack baked cup cakes and Patricksed made a chocolate biscuit cake…yum! (April 2016)

DSC00635 DSC00644 DSC00673

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th enjoyed Green Day (March 2016)


Senior Infants learned about the 5 senses and Keelin brought in a birds nest to show the class (April 2016)

DSC00163 DSC00145

Senior Infants enjoyed watching their water cress seeds grow very quickly (April 2016)

DSC00148 DSC00146 DSC00160 DSC00161

Senior Infants made Hot Air Balloon collages for art (April 2016)

DSC00157 DSC00156 DSC00155 DSC00154

Senior Infants made Easter bunnies in art class (March 2016)

DSC00136 DSC00135 DSC00134

Senior Infants dressed in green to celebrate Lá Glas (March 2016)

DSC00144 DSC00143 DSC00141

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th class enjoyed a 6 Star chocolate cake made by Shayne (March 2016)


Ms Ward’s Senior Infants made flags to celebrate Proclamation Day 2016 and dancing shamrocks for St Patrick’s Day (March 2016)

DSC00611  DSC00608 DSC00607 DSC00606

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th & Ms Ward’s Senior Infants class celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as their favourite book character.  Other Senior Infant children brought in their favourite book and spoke about their favourite character in it. (March 2016)

030 002  003 002 005 004

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th were baking again! This time Conor baked a sponge and Katie Fanning made caramel slices (March 2016)

038 039

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th class made valentine rolos (Feb 2016)

036 035 034 031

Senior Infants wrote about spring and painted a spring scene (March 2016)

010 008

Senior Infants were learning about spring flowers (Feb / March 2016)

001 006 005 004 003 002 001

Ms Flynn’s Junior Infants drew houses as part of Irish class.  They designed umbrellas using felt to make raindrops and they painted daffodils and created colourful pots in art (Feb 2016)

003 002 001

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th class were baking again! Chloe baked millionaire shortbread and granola bites, Killian made Nanny Hanley’s brown bread scones and Ruth baked a vegan chocolate cake (Feb 2016)

DSC00438 DSC00442 DSC00489

Senior Infants enjoyed doing valentine’s day art (Feb 2016)

003 002 001

Senior Infants enjoyed watching the bulbs that they planted during the winter grow into flowering bulbs (Feb 2016).

004  003 - Copy 001

Senior Infants were learning about healthy food.  They drew food pyramids, and fruit bowls and wrote about healthy eating (Feb 2016).

006 007 005

Senior Infants enjoyed eating lovely pancakes on Pancake Tuesday (Feb 2016)

005  003 002 001

Ms Flynn’s Junior Infants were discussing healthy eating in S.P.H.E and drew pictures of a healthy lunch box.  In religion they learned that Jesus is a good shepherd and they made sheep using tissue paper. (Feb 2016)

021  022

Ms Flynn’s Junior Infants were talking about their families in S.E.S.E (Jan 2016)

020 014 013 012

Senior Infants have been learning about St Brigid. They coloured in St. Brigid’s crosses (Jan 2016)


Senior Infants have been learning all about weather.  They wrote about their favourite weather and drew weather pictures and pictures of suitable clothes to wear in warm and cold weather (Jan 2016)

060 056 054 053 051 048 045

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th class have been joining in with the Operation Transformation activity in the school giving their thoughts on healthy eating and showing their own healthy lunch boxes (Jan 2016)

DSC00370 DSC00368
DSC00393 DSC00386 DSC00385 DSC00384

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th have been enjoying drama lessons with Ms Noeleen and dance lessons during PE (Jan 2016)

DSC00376 DSC00375 DSC00380

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th class enjoyed the chocolate biscuit cake made by Alex Clavin, a spring themed chocolate cake baked by Claudia Cummins and banana buns baked by Adam Peacock. (Jan 2016)

DSC00362 DSC00377 DSC00424

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th class:  Conor Walsh is pictured here with his parents & with boy’s football coach Mr Potterton.  Conor received the “Spirit of the Final” award which was presented to him at a ceremony in Navan following the Baconstown school team win in the Meath Cumann na mBunscol Division 4 final. (Dec 2015)

DSC00236 DSC00237

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th class enjoyed tasting the rocky road & mars bar squares that Eoin Bright made and the rice krispie squares made by Aaron Quinn.  Katie Counihan also baked a fantastic Christmas cake.  (Dec 2015)

DSC00222 DSC00268 DSC00323

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th class finished making their planets.  (Dec 2015)

DSC00261  061 075 DSC00259 DSC00258 DSC00257 062  056

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th class enjoyed some library time and talented bakers Hannah O’Hara and Hannah Dixon baked Red Velvet cupcakes and queen cakes, which the class enjoyed! Nov 2015

DSC00129 DSC00125  DSC00163 DSC00164

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th class finished making their papier mache planets and then painted them (Nov 2015)

DSC00162 DSC00159 DSC00158 DSC00156

DSC00124 DSC00123 DSC00122 DSC00121

Senior Infants made lollipop stick houses and wrote about animal’s homes  (Nov 2015)

029 (2) 004  001  030

All Classes enjoyed listening to Author Debbie Thomas who visited in November 2015

DSC00140 DSC00133 DSC00152 - Copy DSC00147

Senior Infants made masks for Halloween (Oct 2015)

Halloween Masks Halloween masks 9 Halloween masks 3 Halloween masks 2

Ms Flynn’s Junior Infants were making patterns in maths class today (Nov 2015)

DSC00049 DSC00047 DSC00046 DSC00045
DSC00039  DSC00043 DSC00048 DSC00040

Senior Infants painted their hand prints and drew self-portraits (Sept 2015)

051 057 053 036
035 054 052

Senior Infants made paper houses and learned about Autumn Leaves (Sept / Oct 2015)

058  062  060  059 Autumn leaves Autumn leaves 2

Ms Flynn’s Junior Infants playing with toys during playtime in their class (Nov 2015)

DSC00038 DSC00036 DSC00032 DSC00031 DSC00035 DSC00034 DSC00033 DSC00037

Ms Flynn’s Junior Infants painted self-portraits which are hanging in the corridor outside their class  (Nov 2015).

DSC00030 DSC00029

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th class finished reading “Georges Marvellous Medicine” and drew favourite “BIG” farm animals. They also created Gallán Stones with clay and wrote their names in Ogham, then they decorated them… (Nov 2015)

DSC00012DSC00009DSC00014 DSC00013

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th class started class baking again this year.  Teacher kicked things off baking buns and then Anna delighted the class with rice krispie buns and bars….yum! (Nov 2015)

2015-11-05 20.45.58 2015-11-05 20.45.28  2015-11-05 20.43.55DSC00026

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th class did some Science experiments this month, looking closely to see what metals rust when dampened.  They have also been learning about the Solar System and have started to create the planets using papier mache…(Nov 2015)

DSC00024  DSC00025

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th class Writing Wall & Welcome Bubble Names (Sept 2015):

DSC00008  DSC00001DSC00007

Ms Murphy’s 4th & 5th class learned about St. Brendan’s voyage to the promised land of saints and created a replica of his boat (Oct 2015):

IMG_1700 IMG_1699 IMG_1698